Construction Services

  • Geotechnical Engineering & Design

    D’Angelo Bros., Inc. designs and builds Earth Retention Systems involving solder piles and tiebacks, sheet piling and underpinning. We have the expertise to design, plan and construct the most complicated of projects in a safe, cost efficient and timely manner.

  • Excavation

    We have the extensive experience in performing all types of Excavation from shallow foundations to deep and difficult excavation requiring the installation of earth retention systems, deep utility, drainage structures and deep mat foundation in earth and rock, to depths in excess of 50 feet deep.

  • Shoring / Tiebacks / Underpinning

    We are the recognized leader for Sheeting, Shoring, Underpinning and Tiebacks in the Philadelphia area.

  • Micro Piles / Soil Nailing

    Our capabilities include installation of micropiles in a variety of sizes and depths in soil or rock. We also install Soil Nails using grouted bar tendons or helical anchors.

  • Heavy and Site Construction

    We have completed highway and site construction projects throughout the Delaware Valley. We own and operate a large fleet of equipment and trucks to complete all types and sizes of projects.

  • Utility Work

    Our capabilities include various types of sewer and water main construction as well as manholes, inlets, control structures, underground retention basins, ductbanks and other utilities.

  • Asphalt Paving

    We have completed a variety of paving projects for both site and roadways using our own personnel and equipment fleet.

  • Concrete Crushing

    D’Angelo Bros., Inc. crushes and processes demolished concrete into various aggregate gradations for use as roadway and paving subbase materials.